Are you adventurous and do you like photography? Then travel with us on a great photo expedition in which we "hunt" for the northern lights and where enjoyment is number one.
While the snow crunches under your feet with every step you take, you breathe in the fresh winter air. This is enjoyment! You feel at one with nature. You look around and decide that the location where you are now is a suitable place for a beautiful landscape photo. You put your backpack next to you, so you can take the time to take your photo. You fold out your tripod and slide your camera on it. You look for the framework that you have in mind. You decide to walk a few meters forward. And the tripod can also be slightly lower, because it gives a better perspective. You set your camera. You shoot your picture. A reminder of an experience that nobody can take away from you. A reminder that you can even hang on the wall at home.

We take you on an amazing Arctic Low Light Tour to the magical Tromsø, the capital of the Northern Lights. In this 5-day trip you will be guided by Wilderness Guide Maurice van den Boogaard of Surviking and international landscape photographer Matthew Storer to learn how to photograph in low light conditions. We will practice, among other things, slow and fast shutter speeds of your camera under the changing circumstances that nature brings us. We do this with and without a tripod.

We are going hiking, in combination with photography. We look for the best locations and views. Every effort is made to maximize the chance of capturing the northern lights. We move partly on foot and partly with a vehicle and spend the night in a Norwegian Cabin (hytte), a mountain hut. On the last evening we will spend the night in a hotel in Tromsø.
When are we going?
15-20 december 2019

Where are we going?
70 degrees north latitude, Tromsø, Norway
More information coming soon!
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